We often run into situations where data security is the primary issue. Whether we're working with a residential client with a 100+ GB Photos Library or a business where an executive has 250GB of sensitive data stored on his Macbook, we regularly prescribe cloud back-up solutions. More often than not people don't think about the security of their data. What if all your precious family photos stored on your Mac were destroyed in a house fire? The pictures were never backed up. Not even to an external hard drive. The fire completely destroyed your computer and you've lost years of family photos. Or maybe you travel for work with hundreds of GB of client data on your machine and your Mac gets stolen?

Now what? 

Plugging an external hard drive into your machine to manually move files is always an option for saving your data. You can get a Time Capsule from Apple and move files wirelessly, but your data is still being saved locally and though secure it is not safe. A fire or a break-in can happen anywhere at anytime, but given the proper preparation you'll never have to worry again.

Get a cloud back-up solution. 

A great cloud back-up solution stores your data securely offsite, onsite, and online. They also run in the background , silently backing up all of your data without you ever noticing. You want a solution that will pause when you put your devices to sleep and resume when your Mac is available again. An unlimited amount of back-up space should be available to you when choosing a good back-up service as well as other features like deleted-file protection and a good mobile app to access files on the go should the need arise.

At Foojee, everyone on the team uses Crash Plan to secure both personal and client data so we are protected in all circumstances. We highly recommend you do your research and find a solution that works best for you. We're partial to Crash Plan, but love talking about the subject in general. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like some more clarity on the topic of cloud storage!