Most of us have grown up in a world where watching businesses duke it out is the norm. Commercials, billboards, radio advertisements and more are commonly used as platforms not to champion the business paying for these mediums, but to slash and hack away at other companies in the same industry.

Even in the industry we love, it’s hard to go a few months without seeing a commercial where Samsung or LG or whoever tries to make the iPhone look bad. We’re constantly hearing about copyright and patent infringment legal battles between these same companies. 

We’re inundated with competitive hostility.

But, what would the world look like if more companies embraced competition instead of inflaming it?

We’re in an industry with almost exclusively small businesses (anywhere from 1–15 employees). Over the last few years we’ve been working to intentionally embrace our local competition rather than struggle against them. 

As a result, we’ve not only made new friends, we’ve forged some strategic partnerships that have been invaluable in helping us move Foojee forward. One of the things we do to foster these relationships is to get together regularly to have dinner and catch up on life and business. 

Because we’ve been able to spend time with these people, we feel much more comfortable and confident referring business to them. Not every inquiry we get is a good fit for our services and skills. Often, there are other companies in the Atlanta market better suited to handle certain requests and when that happens, we sleep easy knowing that we can hand that business off to the right people. Instead of viewing these other businesses and people as a threat, we view them as an invaluable asset that allows Foojee to focus on what we do best so we can continue to serve our clients well.

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