For many businesses and people, "I was wrong," can be one of the hardest things to admit and say aloud to another person. When it comes to customer satisfaction a simple sentence can be an enormous obstacle.

We've learned over the years that people appreciate honesty and vulnerability. We don't know everything and we're okay with our clients knowing that. Instead of being IT guys who come across as more machine than human, we've come to terms with the fact that we're going to make mistakes and we don't hesitate to admit them. When we make mistakes, it's better for us in the long run if we own them right away.

Saying, "We were wrong," does not mean we are always wrong and it does not mean that we didn't try.

By uttering these three simple words, we're admitting that there were set expectations and we did not achieve them.

When we admit the truth of not getting everything right we want our clients to know and feel how much we respect them. Not everyone is as technically inclined as us and it would be easy to save face by using IT jargon to remove the blame from ourselves. By saying we were wrong we believe our vulnerability endears us to our clients and they'll trust us enough to continue working together.

Admitting a mistake is a reminder to our team and our clients that we aren't just focused on today. We have a long-term vision for our company's success based on our ability to be honest and vulnerable even when we make mistakes. 

Have questions about our approach? We'd love to talk about it with you! 

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a special time of celebration with your families this week!