We're pumped because we're looking for our fourth and fifth team members! (See this article for the Apple Enterprise Specialist position.) We love what we do, and our customers know it. So we're looking for someone who appreciates a challenge, likes to be recognized for his or her accomplishments, and wants to be a part of something that improves lives.

So what is it like to work at Foojee? Justin says, "It's challenging and exciting. I get to work at a place where I totally believe in the leadership and the focus of the company."

You will help Foojee take the next step by working with our residential and small business customers. In these projects, you will use your knowledge in intermediate networking, OS X Client and iOS. Creating easy to use solutions for our customers is a big part of what we do. You'll also help troubleshoot issues that arise at the homes and offices of our customers. And you'll be a part of our bigger projects with schools and businesses in Atlanta.

We're currently doing about 70% of customer work onsite, and 30% of work remotely for both residential and business in Atlanta and a few parts of the southeast. Our remote work is performed using remote support software, phone calls, and emails. Therefore we're looking for someone who can communicate clearly over the phone and in writing.

Although designing solutions and configuring new Macs and iOS devices are the technical aspects of what you'll do, our top notch customer service and desire to do things the right way are what make our team so great.

Please send an email to jobs@foojee.com with the following:

  1. Why do you want to work in Apple IT?
  2. What appeals to you about working at Foojee?
  3. A description of a solution, large or small, that you put together for a customer, friend, or family member in recent past, and what made the solution right for them.

Also, include these writing samples:

  1. Respond to a customer who's asking us why she can't send emails from her iPhone. She can receive emails, but when she tries to send, he gets an error saying her username is incorrect.
  2. Respond to a customer who's Internet connection is just went out, and needs someone at her home office to take care of it right away. Also, your schedule is booked for the next three hours.


  • Full Time
  • $22,000 - 27,000 annually.
  • Health and dental benefits available for you.
  • Phone and computer reimbursement.
  • Progressive work environment.
  • Work with a team that loves doing what they do.

System Requirements:

  • At least 1 year experience with sales or support of Apple products.
  • OS X client certification preferred.

Is it you? Let us know.