We're  always committed to informing you on important Apple news. A large story that has surfaced is the security threat of the Flashback Trojan.

What is the Flashback Trojan?

The Flashback Trojan is a malicious software program that embeds itself into your Mac. The tricky part is, the software looks like it is helping you install Adobe Flash.  The Flashback Trojan has the potential to capture information from your Web browsing activities, including usernames and passwords. Crafty, right?

Am I at risk?

No need to worry, it is estimated that only about 1% of Mac users were affected by Flashback. The great news? Apple has already included a patch that fixes the issue, and prevents any further infection. All you have to do is run Software Update and install all updates. If you want an in depth look at the issue MacWorld has written up a comprehensive article you can check out.

Do I need to install extra software?

So is our team installing anti-malware software on our computers? We sure aren't, and here's why. A security threat this far-reaching hasn't happened in over ten years. Additionally, not only has Apple stomped this threat, but Apple's new Mac OS, named Mountain Lion, will have a feature called Gatekeeper whose purpose is to further minimize threats just like this one.

If threats become more common, then yes one day we may have to use anti-malware software like our Windows pals. Until then, however, Apple appears to have our concerns in mind and is building stronger prevention mechanisms into it's future software.