This Wednesday, September 7th, Apple is hosting it's annual fall event. Among other announcements, we're expecting a new iPhone to be introduced to the world. The Foojee team always gets a bit nerdier in September as the new products are unveiled and a wait time of a few weeks handed out before the devices begin shipping. This year we're particularly excited because, as you may have noticed, we've been trying some new things in recent months.

This time around will be no different. We'll be gathered together as team to watch the Apple event which kicks off at 1PM Eastern time. For the first time ever, after the event is over, we will be on YouTube live streaming a recap of the event along with commentary from our team! We're excited about this opportunity as it will allow you the opportunity to interact with us directly via a chat feature so we can answer your questions as they relate to the announcements of the afternoon.

For those of you unable to join the live stream, don't worry we've got you covered! When we finish live streaming that video will be uploaded to our YouTube channel for you to check out when you have a free moment. We got great feedback on our recap video of Apple's March event earlier this year and we wanted to do it again for some bigger announcements. We're excited about this opportunity and hope you'll join us!

Whether you join us live or after the fact, stay tuned until the end of our recap for a big announcement from us. We've got something exciting to share with you that we think you're really going to like! See you soon!