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In this episode special guest, Mike Binns, joins us to talk about law firms and technology including his personal work setup that includes an iPad Pro! 

At Foojee, we work with a number of law firms in both Atlanta and Nashville, but for the most part firms are hesitant to move away from the technology they've always known (PCs). 

Mike Binns, who specializes in Intellectual Property law, does not fit the typical lawyer mold. At his firm, Parker Poe, Mike worked with his IT department to use his own devices which happen to be all Apple. He works primarily from an iPad Pro and his iPhone 6S Plus with a MacBook Air available at his disposal should he need it.

Our conversation with Mike covers his background, his current job and technology set up before diving in to the topic of why law firms are hesitant to update their technology in favor of devices that may lower their long-term costs and boost their immediate productivity. We hope you enjoy this conversation and we'll see you soon for Episode 7!