It's that time again where MacUpdate bundles together several popular Mac software titles and sells them at an insanely low price. In this particular bundle they're packaging the following titles for $49.99:

  • Parallels Desktop 6
  • 1Password
  • MacUpdate Desktop
  • DVDRemaster Pro 7
  • Mac DVDRipper 2
  • Hands Off!
  • App Tamer
  • TechTool Pro 5
  • Civilization IV
  • A Better Finder Rename

Parallels 6 is a must have if you're running Windows on your Mac, and 1Password is by far the coolest app I've used on the Mac in the past several years. It's an indispensable part of my everyday computer use. If you need just one or two of these, the bundle is well worth it. You better hurry up though, you only have 2 days left! Head on over to MacUpdate to read more about each title and purchase the bundle.