We can all think of a song by a one-hit wonder. Remember "Who Let the Dogs Out?" It was a sensation for a while, and now fifteen years later can you name any other song made popular by the Baha Men? 

Businesses can be one-hit wonders too. A product goes viral, but it has no staying power and the company refuses to adapt and evolve. Within less than a couple years, the company files for bankruptcy and dissolves. Remember the Beanie Baby rage? They were the small, stuffed animals with names that became collector's items and sold for ridiculous prices on second-hand eBay sales. Kids everywhere had to have them. Now, they've been relegated to dusty shelves in the closets of 20-somethings everywhere. The company has stayed alive merely because of the cuteness of their product. There is an art to creating great products, but there is also an art to creating great products that people will love for years and years.
We look to lessons from the past to help us adapt and prepare for the future. If Apple were to shut down (which we hope will never happen), we would adapt and change our business model. We have no idea what that would look like (it could still be IT services, it could be app development, or who knows what else), but our company is made of people who care about serving each other and our clients. Regardless of our affinity for Apple products, we would find a way to evolve in to the next iteration of our business.

We're constantly searching for ways to improve our offerings (Managed Services, Projects, etc), our technical & business skills, and our customer service. These ambitions are what keep us on top of trends and changes coming down the pipe. This is how we avoid becoming the Baha Men of business.

Don't be a one-hit wonder