Save time. Avoid risks. Get FAST support.

FAST proactively reports any issues it finds - before it's too late.

  • Hard drive errors that are mistaken for slowness.
  • Battery health of your MacBook.
  • Malicious software.
  • Hard drive capacity.
  • The backup status of your Mac.
  • And even more under-the-hood issues like RAID status, kernel panics, and RAM health.

If one of these indicators are tripped, FAST notifies the Foojee support team instantly, preventing potential downtime and loss of data by being able to address the issue before things get complicated.

Best of all, we're making FAST available free of charge. Just because we love you!

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If you are a business looking to add Fast to your environment, please contact us.

*When prompted during installation, set Client Group as "Fast Download".


FAST is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. Once installed, the only thing you'll notice is a new Foojee FAST icon in System Preferences - everything else happens automatically in the background. Status reports are collected on an hourly basis and reported back to Foojee with virtually zero performance impact on your computer. When a problem is detected, the Foojee support team is notified immediately, and will reach out to you to let you know there is an issue and offer a solution if possible..

Foojee takes your privacy very seriously. Reports are transmitted securely via the web, and none of your personal information is included.