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When people hear what we do, they often think we're a replacement for an existing IT staff. 

That is NEVER the case.

What we've found is that often an existing IT staff is at their maximum capacity. When additional burdens and projects get placed on them, we're always ready to help.

Instead of hiring a new staff member that could end up costing close to six figures, educational institutions can hire our entire team for a short-term project (or recurring services) to get the same work done at a fraction of the cost. Regardless of the option chosen, we guarantee that hiring Foojee will be a decision you won't regret.

If you'd like to learn more about our services, our team, and how we can help, we made an iBook with all of those details and you can see it by clicking the button below!

Working together to build an environment that works


At Foojee, our goal is to help you create an efficient and effective educational environment. That's why we've spent years honing our skills and expertise in schools, both large and small. We love working doing our part to aid the education of future generations.

Our services include:


macOS Deployments

Whether you're new to macOS or a seasoned vet, it can be overwhelming to deploy devices to hundreds or even thousands of students. We've been there and after we knock this project out, dinner is on us.



Your school might have 500 Mac devices or it might have 5,000. We're no stranger to large-scale imaging projects and utilizing all of our resources to finish well before our expected deadline.


Outsourced Help Desk

Sometimes things come up. Meetings, doctor's appointments, or conferences and you need someone to cover for you. In addition to serving businesses around the southeast, we have a plethora of experience filling help desk needs when your team is unavailable.


Don't forget to check out our iBook

  • Who we are and why you'll enjoy working with us
  • What services we offer and how we can best serve you
  • How our pricing compares to the cost of an in-house IT employee

What Other Schools Are Saying About Foojee


"From start to finish, Foojee was committed to ensuring our large-scale IT (2,000 Mac devices) imaging project went well. We had one week to complete the project, and Foojee made sure we met that goal. They committed the appropriate time and technical staff, and they made sure everyone was on the same page in terms of communication. Contracting Foojee for the project was a Godsend budget-wise, as we couldn’t hire the numerous full-time team members necessary for this single project. We’re confident that we can count on Foojee’s support for any large or small-scale IT projects going forward." 

-The Westminster Schools

"Foojee was recommended to us by the Apple Store and did not disappoint. We were deploying iPad in our school. Foojee did all the advance work of setting up the devices as well as a half day training session. They did an excellent job of evaluating our needs, making recommendations and assisting us throughout the process. All of the staff at Foojee were quick to respond to our questions and very helpful. I would highly recommend Foojee for iPad deployment and training."

-School Administrator


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