Start hard and fast. That seems to be the mantra of today’s culture, where there's a constant emphasis placed on moving fast. With that kind of mindset, it can be almost natural to want to put your best stuff up front right now. Why wait? Later is an indefinite and intangible date. Now always feels more urgent, but what’s more important?

Is it better to throw everything up now? To sprint? Or should we be pacing ourselves for the rest of the marathon in front of us? Will the world have more respect for you if you hit them hard and fast? Our society loves quick hits, viral videos, and sensationalized news stories. What they love even more is when people and businesses show up consistently with work that improves with time. Whether the world tells you or not, they want you to improve and show up day after day.

When people are heavily influenced by your shiny, hard, and fast efforts how long will they actually stay with you? Don’t you want the business of those who appreciate your improved efforts time after time?