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VIDEO: Macworld / MacIT San Francisco 2014

From the the early months of starting Foojee, it had always been a goal of mine to take the team to Macworld one year. Part fun, part learning, it's the largest conference/expo for Apple enthusiasts and IT administrators. For the first time since our inception, we were all able to visit the West coast and have a blast in San Francisco! Above is a highlight reel of our trip!

Even though Apple themselves weren't in attendance, there was plenty of excitement for the company's successes and sentiment for what the future holds. Apple continues to build a platform of seemingly simple products, which creates entire product segments for 3rd party developers and accessory makers. The community behind Apple has always been a special part of the company and it's products, and Macworld is as concentrated as it gets for the general public. (There's WWDC that Apple hosts every summer, including June 2 this year, but that's primarily for app developers.)

What doesn't make headlines much is the community of IT administrators that are supporting hundreds and thousands of Apple's products in schools and organizations around the world. This part, called MacIT, was equally fun. We met people from organizations ranging from Facebook to Meredith to several universities, and several startups that use Macs in the majority of their environments. In doing so, it was great to learn and share methods of management, scripting, reporting, and support that helped each other. We're already putting some of those learns into play for our clients back home. We also got to spend time with fellow Apple consultants from other parts of the US, and dear friends like the guys as (who are the magic behind Foojee FAST)!

Needless to say, it was a freaking blast. We learned a ton, and got to spend some time sight-seeing in SF. Thanks to the amazing team we've built, what started as an idea on the couch with my great friend Gene, has turned out to be a thrill that I look forward to everyday.

[WORKSHOP]: The app to help you conquer the New Year - Evernote

We will take a substantial look into Evernote: one of the most extensive and useful apps in every app store. Once branded as a simple note-taking tool, Evernote has now turned into a productivity powerhouse that can be used for collaborating, project management, remembering, and brainstorming.

This one-hour session will help you:

  • Remember the details in your day to day
  • Implement a powerfully simple project management framework
  • Replace sticky notes
  • Brainstorm your next revolution

Bring your Mac, PC, Android, iPhone or iPad, and get ready to get thoughts organized for the new year.

Come and join us tomorrow, 1/22 at 12pm at Roam Dunwoody

$15 | Lunch Included. Register at Roam's Event Page. See you tomorrow!

VIDEO: Introducing FAST

Today we are thrilled to announce something special for Mac users. We've been working hard on a brand new service that will shape how Foojee supports you for years to come. After the video head over to the Foojee FAST page for details. We've added the video's transcript below!

Ok, hold on. I think Justin took this a little too far.

We are thrilled to announce a brand new product today, that we’ve been working hard on for months, called Foojee FAST. And while Justin has been hard at work preparing for the launch, I think he’s taking the name a little too seriously.

You know when your Mac may be acting kind of funny, but it may be hard to explain what’s going on, or maybe it’s just running a little slower than normal. Well finding the root cause can be difficult at times. And having to book an appointment to diagnose the issue is even more inconvenient. 

Wouldn’t it be great if your Mac knew what was wrong, and could let us know? Today we are announcing Foojee FAST. Or the Foojee Alert & Support Toolkit. FAST is a small utility that runs in the background on your Mac, and is always looking out for potential problems, and of course will let us know when it finds one. So what does it report? Among other indicators, Foojee FAST will let us know when you’re hard drive is reporting errors, which is commonly mistaken for a slow computer. It’ll also let us know your laptop’s battery health. If it finds any malicious software installed on your Mac. And even how full your hard drive is. And most importantly, it will let us know if your computer hasn’t backed up recently. If any of these indicators are tripped, FAST alerts Foojee instantly without you even having to pickup the phone. The Foojee team will reach out to you to address the issue at a time that’s convenient for you.

Foojee FAST is perfect for preventing downtime, foreseeing IT risks, and even avoiding data loss.

Now for all this reporting, time-saving, and overall disaster avoiding, FAST is just five bucks a month. And for our home users, we’re making FAST available for FREE. FAST will also be free for all of our clients who are on the Foojee Service Plan.

So, if you have any questions, or want to get started, shoot us an email at helpme-at-foojee-dot-com. We are thrilled about this new product, and we think you are going to love it. Now where did we leave off with Justin?