Recently, Fraser Speirs shared a new project he is working on. For those unfamiliar with Speirs, he is likely the leading figure, today, on utilizing the iPad in education, and also hosts Out of School, a podcast about technology in education. (We're huge fans!) In his recent post, Fraser shared that one of his friends asked if he had any iPads he could donate to a project in India. You can read the details here, but essentially Fraser is working to raise money in order to buy 110 iPads for the Barefoot College, which trains women in rural India to build solar powered projects to help their villages.

Fraser never asks for donations and to us that speaks volumes about how much he cares for the Barefoot College's work. There are plenty of opportunities to help the planet, but we've always had the attitude of focusing our efforts in fewer places so we can go deeper with our involvement to make a more significant impact. We feel this is an opportunity to help our global community and it aligns with one of our passions, education, and falls within our focus of contributing to the wellness of our society.

We have committed to making a contribution to this fund, but we'd love to encourage you to make a contribution of your own. We're excited to help Fraser and the Barefoot College! If you're interested in learning more about the program you can do so here, and if you're interested in learning about the Barefoot College, you can do that here, or if you want to make a donation directly, you can do that here.