Whether you are a seasoned Mac user or you just purchased your first, one thing is certain: while keyboard shortcuts can be incredibly useful and efficient, learning all of them can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, Media Atelier has come up with a brilliant solution for this dilemma.  Enter the application CheatSheet. Doing exactly what you would expect with the name CheatSheet, it gives you a key enabled pop up that shows keyboard shortcuts with one press of a button. Press and hold Command, it's that simple! What makes this so brilliant is that in order to do any sort of shortcut you must press the command key anyway. There are times when I sit at the keyboard holding the command key thinking about what letter or stroke comes next. Now, as I sit waiting, a convenient box pops up showing me some of the major shortcut that I may be looking for, cutting my wait time tremendously.

What makes CheatSheet even more useful is that it adapts to whichever app you are currently using. So as you jump between Mail, Safari, and Aperture, you can hold down Command to see the shortcuts for each app. We are all using it in the office, and love it! The best part about CheatSheet is that it’s a free download. What more could you ask?