Yesterday Daylite 4 launched, and with it comes a whole heap of upgrades including a new sleek interface. I (and the other Foojee team members) have been beta testing Daylite 4 for the past few weeks, and we’re really excited to see our customers begin using it. It’s dramatically easier to use, and seems like Marketcircle really went to the drawing boards and started building Daylite 4 from the ground up.

Daylite 4 on your Mac, iPad, & iPhone!

We at Foojee want to give you a few points to breakdown some of the highlights, and help you decide whether or not you’re ready to upgrade from Daylite 3. Of course, if you’re brand new to the Daylite ecosystem, then this is a great time to jump in.

Daylite 4 is available in the App Store.
  • Daylite 4 is a free download from Mac App Store and the licensing will be handled through the server.
  • If you download Daylite 4 without purchasing, you can browse a sample database. We highly recommend doing this before making a decision.
  • Daylite for iOS is available for download through the iTunes App Store. Be sure to download the Daylite 4 app, as Marketcircle is keeping the Daylite 3 app for organizations that need to wait to upgrade.
  • Daylite Mail Assistant (formerly DMI) and Daylite Server can be found on the Marketcircle website as separate downloads.
What is included with Daylite 4?
  • The Daylite license now includes the ability to use Daylite, Daylite Mail Assistant, Daylite for iOS, and email support from Marketcircle. This is much different from the previous Daylite, because all licenses and options have now been consolidated into one product. From the beta testing program we took part in, this actually makes it much easier to manage licenses, and avoids the licensing errors that  some Daylite 3 users experienced.
  • As a reminder, you will actually purchase the licenses from Marketcircle’s website, then download the Mac and iOS apps from their respective App Stores.
  • Daylite is now $279.95 per license.
  • Daylite upgrades from version 3 (which is the version most people are currently using) cost $179.95 per user.
  • Daylite 1 users will have to pay the full license price to upgrade.
  • When purchasing licenses from  you will be asked for your Daylite 3 license to validate the upgrade purchase, so keep that handy.
  • There is new volume pricing based on a 3-tier model.  1-2 licenses will not be discounted, 3-9 users will receive 5%, and 10+ users will get a 10% discount.
  • Volume pricing is not available on upgrades.
  • All of these licenses are a one time cost, unlike other CRMs that have annual fees. Once you purchase a Daylite 4 license, you will receive all Daylite 4 software updates at no additional cost.
Lion Only
  • Daylite 4 is only compatible and supported on 10.7.4 or higher.
Snow Leopard Users
  • Daylite 3.15.1 will still be for sale until the end of 2012.
  • Daylite Connectors and 3rd party plugins are currently not expected to work. Please check with us if you use either of these before purchasing anything so we can ensure your environment will work with Daylite 4.
  • Custom reports will also need to be update for use on Daylite 4.
What if I just purchased Daylite 3?
As we use Daylite 4 with our customers over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be learning more of its capabilities, changes, and upgrade considerations. Overall, we’re thrilled it’s finally out. The new design is going to be a real winner on all regards. Not only is it easier for new users to get started with Daylite, the layouts also allow you to see more information at any given time in a clean, well thought out manner. Do you have any questions we didn’t mention? Ask us in the comments, we’d love to help.