jamieWe recently decided to bring on some new talent to assist with our growing client base. We searched far and wide to find our new team members and found some pretty stellar people. Today we want to put the spotlight on the one-and-only, Jamie Bell.

What do you do at Foojee?

i'm foojee's first technician! also, whatever gene and lucas tell me to do.

What did you do before Foojee?

i worked for apple for over 4 years as a mac genius.  i was lost before i found foojee, now i'm found.

What do you do for fun? (Besides going to the Foojee office everyday.)

i've been getting into cooking a lot lately, my goal is to make the perfect pizza crust.  i really enjoy movies.  i'm obsessed with Hulu and Lost.

If you could watch one movie tonight, what would it be?

the nightmare before christmas

What's your favorite apple?

foojee, fuji, and granny smith. also, my 12" powerbook is pretty great.  i'll probably be forced to buy a macbook pro soon and i'm sure that will be my fav4evr.

We're thrilled have Jamie on board. Don't let his teddy bear beard fool ya, he eats .plists for breakfast!