Meet our newest team member Justin McGough! For those of you who have met him, I'm sure you will agree that his experience with Apple products and his genuine interest in serving others makes him a perfect addition to our Foojee family. As a Foojee Apple Product Specialist, he has already been involved in a 600 MacBook + iPad rollout with one of the schools we work with in Atlanta, and works with both our residential and business customers on a daily basis implementing Apple-based solutions.

On the weekends you will find him shooting weddings with (stellar stuff, you should check them out). His field experience with photography and understanding of digital workflow will benefit our Aperture clients too. (Score!)

We're thrilled to have him, and can't wait for you to meet him if you haven't already. We thought it'd be fun to introduce him to our customers and friends with some Q & A. Enjoy!

What do you do at Foojee?

I am an Apple Product Specialist / President of the Lucas Acosta Fan Club

What did you do before Foojee?

I worked for Apple for 3.5 years. I loved it and wouldn't trade it for anything.

Which app could you not live without?

Tweetbot - thanks a lot Lucas. (he always talks me into the paid apps....haha)

Coolest place you've ever been?

the Virgin Islands

What do you do for fun?

Photography, iPhoneography, and watch a small handful of TV shows

So...what are your plans for tonight?

either go home and hang out with my cool wife or go to one of her basketball games.... better check the calendar.

...Favorite apple?

A Fuji apple!!! (except they spelled it wrong)