Although I do about 90% of my iPad tasks with the ten styli God gave me, sometimes using a stylus is the perfect tool for drawing out ideas, or taking scratch notes. Unfortunately, even after using the highest rated styli like the Pogo and Targus Stylus I've been left dissatisfied. The main reason: using the stylus on a touchscreen doesn't feel natural, and I'm always tempted to rest my palm on the screen... which doesn't work on a touch screen device. Instead of explaining the Cosmonaut, I'll just let you watch their video. They began as a Kickstarter project, which was hugely successful, and they will begin manufacturing their idea this summer. If you didn't help fund their Kickstarter project, you'll need to sign up for email notifications to find out when it will go on sale to the public.

I'm looking forward to receiving mine next month. Do you have a stylus you love? Let us know below!