I stumbled upon yet another alternative to Finder today. It's called Total Finder. An alternative to Finder you say? Why yes! There are actually a few out there already like PathFinder and ForkLift, but Total Finder has a simple elegance to offer.

Have you ever wanted some extra navigating options while browsing through your files? Say, the ability to have multiple tabs like Safari? Or for you Windows power users new to Mac, you can now get rid of those .DS_Store files you've been going crazy over. One neat feature of Total Finder not found in other Finder apps out there is the fact that you can show the original Finder at anytime. And for the most part, Total Finder keeps a similar feel of the standard OS X Finder, so it doesn't take long to get used to.

I downloaded it myself today, and so far it's staying in my toolbox. How do you like it? Head on over to their website to see a quick video to learn more.