After pre-ordering my iPhone 4 this evening (after much sweat and tears), I decided to take a look-see at Apple's accessories for the new drool-worthy device. I'd seen them before - the Bumpers, the Dock (do people by the dock for every new iPhone that's released?), but I stumbled across a surprise that I hadn't yet read about. Along with the other suggested accessories was the "Apple Dock Connector to VGA Adapter". Sure enough, when I clicked on the link I discovered that this iPad accessory is now compatible with iPhone 4.

Lots of ideas come to mind: will I be able to show my edited iMovies on a TV or projector directly from my iPhone? Or going a bit further... will Apple release an iPhone-version of Keynote to present directly from iPhone 4? Hard to say, but if Apple chose to put it next to the other accessories, they must have a plan for it.