The new iPad Air is out today, and you may already be in line to get one - in which case, you need no further convincing that it's the best full-size iPad yet.

For those who still want to know more, we have a bit of info for you to help you decide whether the iPad Air is right for you.


New Design

The iPad Air has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Taking a cue from the iPad mini, the iPad Air has a narrower bezel, chamfered edges, and a flat enclosure (compared to the curved back of the previous iPad). This new design dramatically decreases its weight to just one pound, making it roughly 30% lighter and 20% thinner than the previous generation.

A difference of about half a pound may not seem like much on paper, but if you're used to holding an iPad already, the feeling of picking up an iPad Air for the first time is very noticeable. If you ever switched from a MacBook Pro to a MacBook Air, then you know what we mean!


Better Performance

The new super-fast Apple A7 chip, first introduced in the iPhone 5s just over a month ago, is also present in the iPad Air, offering double the performance of the previous generation, with the same amount of battery life: up 10 hours of usage or a month on standby on a single charge.

The A7 is also the first 64-bit mobile processor, which opens up a world of desktop-class performance on a mobile device.  With all of the standard apps and many popular third-party apps already updated for the 64-bit architecture, the iPad Air feels faster and more responsive than ever.

If this all seems like gibberish, consider this: In some benchmark tests, the iPad Air actually outperforms a full-fledged 2010 MacBook Pro - a system that is certainly no slouch today. That's where this technology is heading!


Upgraded Wireless

iPad Air features a technology called MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output), which essentially uses two Wi-Fi antennas simultaneously to increase wireless performance. Best of all, it's compatible with many wireless base stations already on the market, including the past few generations of Apple's AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule base stations.


iOS 7, iLife, and iWork Included

The latest version of iOS 7, as well as a copy of every app in the iLife and iWork suites, are all included at no additional charge. iMovie, iPhoto, and GarageBand, as well as Pages, Numbers, and Keynote were all given major upgrades recently, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store with the purchase of a new iPad Air.

We've been using the new iWork apps ourselves, and with the addition of online sharing and collaboration via iCloud, it's changed the way we work. We love it and we think you will too!


Coming Soon...

If you prefer the smaller size of the iPad mini but still want the performance and Retina Display of the iPad Air, we're afraid you'll have to wait a few more weeks. The iPad mini with Retina Display will be available later this month, and it carries all the same new features as its larger (though not that much larger!) sibling, including the A7 chip.

Unsure of which model to get? Already got a new iPad Air and want to make sure all of your apps, settings and data are migrated over from your iPhone or Mac? We're here to help! Send us an email at and we'll be happy to assist.