...cleaning your Mac?MacBookPro_13inch_34lowbase_OW_Movie_Full_Scrn_SCREEN

Whether your friends use them or not, one thing that anyone will tell you about Apple products is how pretty they are. But what about when finger prints and dust get all over them? Well if Phone Fingers isn't your idea of keeping your devices clean, and until Apple comes out with smudge-proof products (they came close with the iPhone 3GS) here's some tips on how to clean your shiny Apple devices.

1) Power off your Mac and unplug it from its power source.

2) Only use LCD cleaning products like iKlear or Monster TV that don't contain ammonia, chlorine, or other abrasive chemicals. Isopropyl alcohol 70% does the trick too. (This means no window cleaner.)

3) Be sure to use a microfiber cloth, not paper towels or bath towels.

4) Spray your LCD cleaner on the cloth rather than the computer itself to avoid liquid seeping into cracks.

The most important thing you can do to keep your devices clean is to have clean hands when using the computer. If you have a portable, try to close the lid when you're not using it, to prevent dust from collecting.

These basic principals will also help with cleaning most electronics in your house.

For an in depth how-to on cleaning your desktop, portable and accessories, see Apple's knowledgeable article on How to clean Mac products.